Q. How much does a funeral cost?
A. Funeral costs vary greatly depending on the service and specific items chosen. There are many options available today to create a fitting ceremony tailored to suit any budget. Detailed prices and options are available from your Complexe Loreto funeral home.

Q. Is embalming always necessary for a funeral service?
A. No. However, embalming can aid in preserving the natural appearance of the deceased while resting in the funeral home. Under certain circumstances, it may also be required in order to conform to health regulations.

Q. Is cremation less expensive than traditional ground burial?

A. It can be. Costs associated with either option depend on the services selected, where the remains will be placed, the kind of urn, casket or container selected and the type of funeral or memorial service chosen. With so many variables the individual can design exactly what’s most appropriate personally and financially for either means of disposition. The most economical solution of all is to plan well ahead of time so the costs are incurred at today's prices and in today's dollars.

Q. My wishes are outlined in my Will... so why would I need to pre-arrange?

A. A Will is an important legal document, however, final wishes and directives contained in a Will may not be honored because the Will isn’t read until after the funeral. Pre-plan with a specialist to be sure.

Q. When I provide money for a pre-arrangement, what guarantee do I have that my money is safe and will be available to pay for the product or service when it is actually required?

A. Legislation requires funeral and cemetery companies to put monies received on account of a pre-arrangement, into a trust account. These trust monies can only be taken out of trust to pay for the delivery of the pre-arranged product or service. Trust monies we receive are held by financial institutions that have Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation depositors insurance.

Q. I don’t care for traditional funerals... is there an alternative for me?

A. Certainly... be as imaginative and unconventional as you like. Choose live music, perhaps a slide or video presentation, create an elaborate theme, or simply arrange a casual meeting of close friends over a coffee in our comfortable reception lounges. Whatever nature of ceremony suits your nature, a trained Complexe Loreto specialist can help you achieve it through pre-planning.

Q. Won’t my life insurance cover my final arrangements?

A. For many families life insurance is purchased for the purpose of helping loved ones down the line continue their lifestyle, or maybe even get ahead. As with all things, funeral and cemetery costs are steadily on the rise. Therefore, there’s a risk that much of that insurance money will be needed to pay for final expenses that could be more affordably taken care of now, through pre-arrangement. Call your Complexe Loreto Representative today to find out how to save your loved ones thousands of dollars.

Q. Why should I pre-plan my final arrangements?

A. Arranging in advance saves money and stress for your loved ones, guarantees your wishes will be carried out exactly as you've prescribed and provides you peace of mind, knowing it's all been taken care of.

Q. Why should I pre-plan with Complexe Loreto?

A. Trusted over 20 years, Complexe Loreto has become funeral home company on the strength of superior service, expertise and a drive to continually provide creative ideas, facilities and services to better serve the evolving needs of today’s families. Call to find out more about our transfer policies, Family Security Benefits and the very latest innovative products. At Complexe Loreto you can speak with our friendly professionals and get the facts you need to make good decisions -without pressure or obligation.