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Our philosophy regarding a funeral service is that no two funerals are the same. Each family we serve has unique and important needs that we strive to satisfy.

By working closely with your family we can arrange a funeral ceremony that will express the special, one-of-a-kind relationship that you shared with your loved one and help enrich the memories that you will cherish forever.
Planning Ahead
Similarly to your will and your life insurance policy, pre-arranging your funeral is intended for security and peace of mind for the ones you love. This gives you the opportunity to select the type of funeral suitable to your needs, the services required as well as specific contract clauses.
Show Them You Care
When somebody close to us dies, there follows a time of great sadness. Show friends and family of the deceased that you are thinking about them and that you care.

Arcato Giardina, Diega
Caltagirone, Giuseppina
Carnevale, Antonio
D'Amore, Angelo
Di Maulo, Costanzo
D`Angelo, Alfonso
La Para, Antonino
Marrocco, Alfredo
Messina, Giuseppe
Milioto, Angela
Piccolino, Elio
Renda, Tony
Restagno, Salvatore
Romano, Giuseppe
Russo, Costanzo
Sacco, Livio
Scotti, Iolanda
Somma, Rosina
Stagnaro, Almo
Vecchio, Emanuele
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